Download BeeTV Apk Direct Updated Version (NEW Guide 2020)

Download BeeTV Apk Direct Updated Version (NEW Guide 2020), It gives us the pleasure to think positively and gain energy to fight our day to day life. We all know it well that various movies and entertaining Tv shows, and drama make our life more energetic and gives us a happy lifestyle.

Now we all live in an era of advanced technology. So we all have an android device. By using that you can recharge yourself, of course, free of cost. Yes! you read it right, without cost BeeTV provide you all the latest movies, TV show and drama.

After Terrarium TV shutting down, a lot of applications came to the relative market. It becomes pretty difficult to choose one. Here BeeTV has the potentiality, it also has the ability to fulfill your demands. So “BeeTV” is the right candidate to take the place.

You know it well that, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming providers, providing their content on a subscription basis. So many options make us confused, which streaming service to subscribe and how much they charge for their service. In this case, BeeTV provides movies and TV shows right on your fingertips that are totally free.

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod

To produce a smooth interface (UI), buffer-free streaming videos, is an active community behind. They always fixed the bug, improve the overall app so that you have the best experience.


Here you have the latest BeeTV APK original file to free download with all the procedures to install in various platforms like Android Smartphone, Firestick, and Windows PC.


BeeTV Features for Android Devices:

The app has drawn a lot of attention among many internet users as it provides an easy and simple way to search for your favorite TV shows and latest movies to enjoy.

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod

BeeTV Ads Free: With a lot of features BeeTV compatible with Android smartphone, Android TV Box, tablets, Amazon Firesticks, Fire TV. It has the feature of like fast streaming, a huge collection of movies and TV series but the most important feature is it has less number of ADS. Now you can not only watch all your favorite movies in your Android devices but also download with a single click.

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  • Never miss out on any of your favorite shows as it has the feature to download favorite movies / TV Shows to local storage for offline viewing.
  • A majority of the content is available in high definition.
  • Nice and easy to use interface with Chromecast support.
  • Lightweight application with minimum ads compares to other services.
  • There is no requirement to rooting your Android smartphone for install and use BeeTV APK.
  • You can see download, and watch history.
  • Discover movies and TV shows instantly it also shows trailers of upcoming movies and TV shows.
  • Language is no more obstacle to watch your favorite moves as Subtitles are available with the playback.
  • Clear categorization of TV Shows, Movies, HD Releases, in Recent tab shows all the recent videos you watched. This makes it quite comfortable to navigate through the application.
  • “BeeTV” is a completely free app, so there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases.
  • If you face any unwanted obstacle, you can report any time to the development team and they will take care of the same on a priority basis.
  • The application doesn’t host any copyrighted content only contains movies and TV shows with an open license in the public domain. No need to worry about streaming any illegal content on the application.


BeeTv APK Requirements for Smartphone:

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod

If you are Android users, please take care of certain things before installing the BeeTV on the devices.  BeeTv needs this basic requirement such as:

  • Your smartphone must be Android version 5.0 or higher.
  • It also needs a minimum free storage space of 100 MB.
  • Download Bee TV APK latest version.
  • Need to Enable unknown sources.


BeeTV APK Download for Android:

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod


May you pretty well have known all third-party apps need permission to install, as BeeTV is not available on google play store, we will start with enabling the Unknown permission option.

If you are using an older version of Android just:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to Security and there will you find Unknown Sources Option

If you have a newer version of Android:

  • Tap on Search bar from the top bar
  • Type Unknown Sources, Search and turn it On
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When the above procedure is done:

  • Download latest BeeTV APK (V2.2.4) from the provided link.
  • Go to the download folder BeeTV APK file will be there
  • Open it and setup box will be a pop up on display.
  • “Click on Install” Wait for a moment and BeeTV will be successfully installed on your device.
  • You can find it on other apps. Launch it and Enjoy Premium Entertainments.


How to Install BeeTV on Firestick TV / BeeTV Firestick:

Installing BeeTV APK on Firestick is easy and similar like above Android process. If you are new and does not know much about Firestick and how it works here are the steps:


Launch your Amazon Firestick device:

  • Go to a Settings Menu
  • Slide the option and tap on “My Fire TV”
  • Click on Developers option inside the screen.
  • Then click “Apps from Unknown sources” option and confirm it. Avoid the warning message.

Go back and Tap on Search option:


  • Type “Downloader” and search it. You can also take the help of Alexa to search faster.
  • Find Downloader and Click on it. Wait for a few seconds to launch.

On Downloader BeeTv Apk app:

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod
  • You will see the URL box (Home Screen). Inside it type exactly this URL —————————.
  • Make sure the link is the same as shown here otherwise the app will not download.


After typing:

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod
  • Click on “Go button”, it will start to download the latest stable BeeTV app on your Firestick TV.
  • The installation wizard will appear than “Click on Install”. That’s it, now you have an entertaining box on your Firestick.


How to Install BeeTV on PC Using Android Emulator / BeeTV for PC:

BeeTv Apk Mod
BeeTv Apk Mod

Just launch the Emulator and quickly download the BeeTV, and getting access to a world of free Movies and TV shows.

BeeTV APK v2.2.4:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.4 – Direct Download

  • 8 Fast Link Providers Have been added.
  • Episode lists added in this new update.
  • Tweak movie details added on TV.
  • Size is now 16.2 MB.
  • Autoplay feature fixed.

BeeTV Lite APK V2.2.4

Download BeeTV Lite APK v2.2.4 (UPDATED)

  • Optimized Graphics and Cleland resources for the fast loading of the app.
  • Size decreased to 10.3 MB.
  • Encrypted all resources and removed all unwanted permissions and prompts.
  • Analytics, ads, and banners removed.
  • The tracking of IP has been removed.
  • Languages: En & Ru.
  • ARM devices only supported.
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BeeTV APK v2.2.3:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.3 (Direct Dropbox Link).

  • Optimized TV Layout.
  • The autoplay feature has been fixed.
  • Open-load link resolved.
  • Fixed subtitles download.
  • Added more sources and providers.

BeeTV APK v2.2.2:

Download BeeTV v2.2.2 APK(Direct Download – DropBox)

  • Version: 2.2.2
  • Size: 16.2 MB
  • Optimized User Interface on TV.
  • Crashing Issues fixed.
  • Optimize code for fast link resolve.
  • Added clock and Off subtitles feature added.
  • Added direct/fast link providers.
  • Editor’s choice added.

BeeTV APK v2.2.1:

Download BeeTV v2.2.1 APK(DropBox Direct Download)

  • Fixed Not loading bug on Android 4.4 and lower devices
  • Added option to hide poster, name and year.
  • Ads are removed
  • Removed Sponsor Banner Layout.
  • All Ads and Service calls from Activity got removed.
  • All Ads banner layout in tablet mode removed.
  • Player popup disabled
  • Language subtitles disabled.
  • Social Page was disabled.
  • No forced update and analytics are disabled.

BeeTV APK v2.2.0:

Download BeeTV v2.2.0 APK(DropBox Direct Download)

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.0 (Mod APK) (Direct Download)

  • Ads have removed.
  • Removed Sponsor Banner Layout.
  • Removed Unwanted Permissions, receivers, and services.
  • All Ads and other services call got removed from the activity.
  • Ads Banner Layout in Tablet mode removed.
  • The social page got disabled.
  • Analytics got disabled.

BeeTV APK v2.1.9:

Download BeeTV v2.1.9 APK(DropBox Direct Download)

Download BeeTV APK v2.1.9 (Mod APK)

  • Removed Ads, Removed FaceBook Popup and removed Subtitles Popup.
  • Removed Force Update in this update.
  • Default player popup fixed.
  • Sponsored Banner & Ad Banners Are removed.
  • Social Page removed.
  • Analytics Removed.
  • Fix eye icon does not sync with Trakt (for a movie).

BeeTV APK v2.1.8:

BeeTV APK v2.1.8 (DropBox Direct Download)

  • Autocheck and Autoplay the next episode added.
  • Sort stream links by size.
  • Fixed icon not turning yellow for a watched movie.
  • Added Ability to choose secondary language subtitles.
  • Few Bugs fixed and improved in performance.

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