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Boxing Star APK MOD
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Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0

Go for the KO! Make your opponent see the stars

Hey Kid, do you think you have what it takes to make it to the top and become the next big boxing star? Enter the world of boxing and conquer everything! Get up from street fights to become the World Champion! Arm yourself with custom gloves, perfect your skills and Knock’em Out with a Mega Punch! The champions are made in the ring!

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This game is a game for mobile, sports, simulation genre with the name of “Boxing Stars”. This game was developed by Creative Lab (4:33), which was launched in January 2018, the Sports Game boxing game presents stunning 3D graphics with the game great in my opinion. For that, I would like to review this game and I wanted to share information with you about this game, let’s take a look at its review.

Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0 Lots of movement with the controls vary.

At the beginning of the game, we will be invited to follow a tutorial that is included in a heavyweight boxing match between Joe the King against The Grave. In this tutorial we are taught how to Jab, Hook, Uppercut, Cling, Dodge and other controls in boxing that are described in detail in an easy to understand manner in my opinion.

To make a jab we just need to make a tab on the target we are targeting. For a hook, we just need to make an exchange to the left or to the right, and for that we just need to make an uppercut up or down. There is much more control that we can do in this game very well for me at this time, then the amount of movement variations that can be made so that the player can perform a lot of creativity in the attack.

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Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0 Be the star boxing world

The Star Boxing is the genre of sports simulation, here we will act as a new fan entering the world of sports boxing. With the help of manager Emma, ​​who was always in a bad mood, we began his career as a professional boxer. After doing the tutorial, we will be invited to create a character, the type of character that we can choose where there are only 3 Bodytype. For this review, I chose the most body type to finish with the characters that are younger.


    • Submerge, dodge, dodge and knit to avoid your opponent’s attacks and counterattack with a perfect counter!
    • Train hard as your fighter progresses from the most difficult streets to the World Championship in Story mode.
  • Meet and befriend all the wild and extravagant characters in the boxing world!
  • Collect powerful custom gloves and combine them with powerful skills and equipment to define your own fighting style.
  • Fight other players in League mode to prove you are the best there was!
  • Use your winnings to decorate your crib, drive a smooth whip and gather an entourage that will make your friends jealous, while giving you sweet bonuses!

After creating the character, Emma would take us to an interface that is in the program in a simple way. In this interface, in the left corner, there is a Mission List with a small circle with Emma’s face, right next to it, there is a big screen that shows the Rank of our character and there are 4 slots of awards of the league that we can get when we win the game in the fashion league, then there is a story mode in the lower left corner and in the upper right corner there is a button option.

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This game has 2 different types of game modes, that is, the Story and League mode. In the history of fashion, we will play a story of our career as amateur boxers who originated in a street and became professional boxing boxing. In the story in this way, we will deal with the people to whom we should defeat the next story to continue.

For the fashion league, we are going against the player who is around the world. The opponent is determined at random and, if we win, we will obtain a league that contains accessories and equipment that could increase our boxing capacity. There are 7 levels of League requirements.

Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0 Practice and become stronger.

In addition to the two game modes, to improve the ability of our character, in the game, Boxing Star also offers some of the features of this game that is full of character and the addition of boxing skills that we can find in Training. We can buy skill sets and improvements using the training point. In addition to increasing strength through practice, we can also improve the status of the characters using equipment such as a glove and protection. The Team can also be upgraded by sacrificing one of the items we do not use. Then there are the sponsors who can improve our finances.

Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0 conclusion

In general, the game is highly recommended for you, with spectacular graphics and a very good gameplay in my opinion. This game also has several controls that allow us to make variations of the attack. There is also a PVP mode in which we can try to hone the skills against another player that he does with Spare and our friends.

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Boxing Star APK MOD v1.6.0 MOD INFO:

  • Mod Menu
  • Mutilpiler damage
  • Mutilpiler defense
  • Xigncode bypass
  • No ads


  1. Uninstall the original game if it is available.
  2. Download the mod without installing the game
  3. Download the OBB file and extract it in the directory and copy it to the sdcard / android / obb path.
  4. Play and Enjoy


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