Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle APK MOD v1.0.46

Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle APK MOD

The PvP game revolves around the fierce battles of heroes !

When the Magic power was released, the world exploded, throwing the world into darkness and chaos. A new order must be established, and this is the time when the war begins.

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Legend Warriors is an addictive action RPG (ARPG) that you should try. Be a legend and write your name in history!

Explore exciting world maps in this PvP game, where new opponents await you to challenge your combat skills. Fight in each Battle with your Warrior to regain control over him and collect the loot to equip your Warriors


  • PvP systems with the epic battle between all warriors
  • The hero system is extremely diverse: warriors come from different lands, have different fighting styles and abilities.
  • The heroes are updated with the resources obtained by winning, including: level, power and hero skills.
  • Boss System: Daily boss, Event Boss and World boss to conquer
  • You can configure your hero team and join the epic battle.
  • Soldier support system for each warrior.
  • Daily task system for warriors, complete missions and receive updates to become legendary.
  • Daily rewards to receive the legend bonus every day and get gifts online every hour
  • Collect items and fragments of Hero to summon heroes.

How to play Epic Battle

  • Summon more than 30 legendary heroes and warriors
  • Find items and equip to increase the power of the hero
  • Level up, improve and strengthen your heroes
  • Unlock magical abilities to participate in the epic battle
  • Finish the search to get a bonus every day
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Let’s play Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle – PvP Game!

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  1. High gain of Exp & Gold After the battle at Campaign
  2. You can claim the daily reward of the gem Repeatedly open the reward icon, close it and open it again (until you get bored or something)
  3. Articles do not decrease when used for processing, but increase
  4. The upgrade skill will not cost gold

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