Super Mario Run APK MOD v3.0.13

Super Mario Run APK MOD v3.0.13 [Unlocked]

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A new Mario game that you can play with one hand. Mario advances without stopping for each level. Touch the screen to perform spectacular maneuvers, jump from wall to wall, collect coins and reach the goal. Now Super Mario Run Hack APK has been updated in a big way!

The download of 🔥 Super Mario Run full apk is free and, after buying the game, you can play all modes without having to make additional payments. Before buying you can try the four modes: “Worlds”, “Racing”, “Remix 10” and “My kingdom”
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The game itself is amazingly simple to play. Tap on the screen That is all. The short and longest taps are the only controls you need. They make Mario jump while everything else is handled automatically. It is, in essence, an endless runner, except that it is not endless and Mario does not always run.

Each level of the World Tour is recognizably Mario, with designs, platforms and even graphics that could have been extracted directly from any of the New Super Mario Bros. games. But the screen is vertical instead of horizontal, and there are no direction controls: we must continue advancing.

There is also a hell of many more coins that are collected, because that is the true goal of the game. Instead of simply going from A to B at a certain time, you are encouraged to pick up as many coins along the way.

There are also special coins to be found and secured, which reward you with a loot in the game if you manage to get all five in one level. They come in three different colors and difficulties, starting with pink, then purple and finally black, so they give you many excuses to come back and play on the same level many times. In fact, you will realize that it is difficult to collect the five special coins, especially since Mario does not stop to enjoy the view. You will need a couple of tours to know the distribution and locations.

But there is another mechanism that also helps: as with Mario’s most recent titles in 2D, you get bubbles that can be activated manually or spent when you lose a life. They take you back through the level, floating in the sky. Open the bubble where you want to return and you will have the opportunity to make another race with a special coin or a difficult jump, without having to do the whole level again. You have to be aware that there are only a couple of bubbles that can be used per level, and the timer is not reset, so you may not give yourself enough time to finish, but it is a very useful extra feature to have in case of emergency.

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Super Mario Run APK MOD New mode: Remix 10

Here are some of the shortest and frenetic levels ever seen in a Mario game!

Imagine playing Super Mario Run APK full  all unlocked worlds in small doses: this is how you must travel 10 short levels in a row … that change every time you play! Daisy has been lost in some remote place of Remix 10; Try to overcome as many levels as you can to find it!

New levels for the worlds

The Star World has been added! You can play this world after completing the six previous worlds.

At the time of launch, the single-player World Tour mode has six worlds, each with four levels, including at least one boss level per world. And only three of the levels in the world one are available for free – everything else is unlocked after paying the entry fee of € 9.99.

There is another way you can play for free: Sapo Rally. In this, the game itself is similar – you travel through a level of collecting coins – but this time you are competing with the ghost character of another player in the real world. And the style is rewarded as much as the collection of coins.

Make great maneuvers and you’ll win the adulation of the toads – a multitude of them will expand at the bottom of the screen while you play and your support will be added to your coin score. The winner is the one with the highest score.

You are limited to how many times you can play a Rally, with tickets in the game paying for each turn. But these are replenished over time and Nintendo keeps its promise that it does not encourage you to buy more with real money.

There are more rewards to play in either of the two modes. The coins that you collect in the game can be spent on buildings and stages for your kingdom, a small area that also serves as a personalized screen and menu. And some of the items you place can give you additional levels and bonuses, such as a bonus game house that you will have near the beginning and that sends you to a level of collecting bonus coins that is available a few times a day.

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You can also link the game to your Nintendo account and buy more in-game items by completing the achievements – we quickly realized that we could afford a new character, Toad, to play with instead of Mario himself. Once again, none of them asks for real money to be spent, which will be a gift from God for the parents.


Run and jump without stopping to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser! Run between hills, through caverns, in enchanted mansions, aboard aerial fortresses, inside castles … and much more!

Complete 6 worlds and its 24 levels to reach Bowser Castle. You can enjoy the levels in different ways, such as collecting coins of 3 different colors or competing against the records of your friends. You can play Worlds 1-1 to 1-4 for free.


Boast movements competing against your friends or users around the world.

In this challenging mode, each competition is different. Try to beat other users’ scores, perform stunts in style, collect coins and get Toad approval. If your acrobatics are really impressive, you will unleash the gold rush and get even more coins. If you win the race, the public Toads will move to your kingdom and it will prosper.

My kingdom

Collect coins and recruit Toads to build your own kingdom.

Create a unique kingdom by placing buildings and decorative elements. There are more than 100 different elements. If you recruit Toads in the races, they will increase the constructions and decorative elements available. Thanks to the friendly Toads, you will rebuild the kingdom little by little.


Bar the price to unlock the rest of the game, there is another warning that you can not stop saying. Miyamoto and Nintendo decided that, to combat piracy and promote social aspects of the game in all modes, Super Mario Run will only work when your device is connected to the Internet, either through WI FI or mobile broadband. You do not need a particularly fast connection, but you do need one.

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This means that you can not even play in single player mode when you are disconnected, for example, when you are on a train or plane. And you may want to reconsider if you are thinking about playing abroad in a country with astronomical data roaming rates. Basically it means that you can not play the game in many circumstances where you would want more. And when you have spent 9.99 euros for the privilege that you would like to play when you want.

What you can do after buying the worlds.

All playable levels in the worlds

Can you overcome all the challenges that await you at the different levels?

Tickets for the easiest races to get

It will be easier to get tickets to play the “Remix 10” mode and the races. Can you get them in the Minijuegos Houses and the blocks? of your kingdom, collecting coins of colors in the worlds and also in other ways.

More playable characters

If you complete World 6-4 to rescue Peach and build the houses of Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette in your kingdom, they will join your adventure as playable characters. They do not move like Mario, so put your particular characteristics to the test in worlds and races.

More levels in the races

You will find up to seven new types of levels available in the races, which increases the fun! In the new levels you can cheer on blue, green, purple and yellow toads.

More buildings and decorations

There will be more elements for your kingdom to be even more animated. Place rainbow bridges to expand it even more.

Play “Remix 10” without having to wait

You could enjoy the “Remix 10” mode continuously, without having to wait between game and game.

To play an internet connection is necessary, which may entail an expense on the part of your operator.

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How to activate mod:

  1. Log in with your Nintendo account to back up your saved game
  2. Uninstall the original game.
  3. Download the modified apk on your device and install it
  4. Enjoy playing the full game!

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